UniD RH: A 360 brand

Pénéga ends Melissa L’Italien’s project and is happy with the result of the creation of the 360 brand.

As the brand is related to the human resources, the agency had to create one that was dynamic, colourful, vibrant and that recalled professionalism and a network: two important characteristics of a headhunter. Why UniD? Simply because we evoke the words “idea” and “unite” in French, which demonstrate a strong connection between team work, talent and skills. The letter “D” represent the word “dotation”—meaning “staffing” in English—one of Melissa L’Italien’s specialties.

Besides, the agency created a brand from Melissa L’Italien’s last and first names and put the finger on a good way of presenting her expertise by giving her the title of a “talent acquisition strategist.”

Finally, Pénéga created Melissa L’Italien’s website and also imagined the logo and other related products: a professional card, an email signature, a letter heading and banners for the website.

It is with this strategic vision that UniD RH brand was created!

Sectors : Retail

Divisions :

Relationship marketing Operational marketing

Content creation
Graphic design
Marketing relationnel
Brand idea
Brand charter