RECYC-QUÉBEC opts for a microsite to present their 2016-2017 annual report

With a distinct and strategic vision, Pénéga, who had to give birth to RECYC-QUÉBEC’s annual report by respecting and representing the brand’s values, is proud to have realized this project commissioned for the first time by this eco-conscious company.

Once again, the agency pushed the limits of the project by suggesting RECYC-QUÉBEC a microsite as a report for their review of 2016-2017 activities. Firstly, this report would be in line with the company’s values by being green and published online, and on the other hand, this idea would allow them to collect valuable information about the content read by users.

"Waste reduction is at the heart of our values and is one of our priorities. For us, it was only natural to take a step further in this direction this year by creating a microsite to present our annual report," Dany Michaud, president and CEO of RECYC-QUÉBEC.

Finally, the president of Pénéga, Nathalie Marquis, is very proud of the project’s outcomes, ‘’Our team worked hard to give this project a new strategic vision that would be different from the past years and respect the graphical and digital conditions. I couldn’t be happier with the work my team has done!’’

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