Thanks to Pénéga’s creative team who produced an elegant design representing the quality of the service and the benefit of the customer’s experience offered by Desjardins Private Wealth Management (DPWM) to their clients, we can now say “mission accomplished.”

For Pénéga, the challenge was to translate the excellence of DPWM through gift wrapping. More precisely, the strategic vision behind the champagne bottle packaging was to congratulate clients when they experience positive moments in their lives, whether because their child is graduating from university or they are getting married, for example. Moreover, Pénéga thought way ahead of the traditional handwritten note by proposing a complete positive client experience. DPWM commits now to all their clients when it comes to celebrate good things, which is why we can read on the design: “Those memorable moments of your life are the heart of our commitment. Take the time to enjoy them.”

It is therefore with pride that Pénéga won the gold award at the 2017 international Hermes Creative Awards for this project! This award was earned thanks to our work for Desjardins Private Wealth Management, in the design and packaging category.

Congratulations to the team. Now, it’s champagne time!

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