Desjardins wanted an interactive and attractive strategy that would pique the curiosity of passers-by and invite students in the 360d spaces on their campus. Pénéga’s response does not go unnoticed, as our fortune teller Ideüs is displayed on screens near UQAM, Concordia and Université de Montréal. By texting Ideüs, students aged 18–30 are participating in a contest for a chance to win instant prizes. Participants then receive a reply message from Ideüs announcing if they won, sharing advice on different subjects and inviting them to discover the 360d spaces.


For this project, Pénéga was in charge of strategy, visual identity, video shooting and editing, as well as database and programming management, which allows to communicate with participants individually. 

Sectors : Finance | Insurance

Divisions :

Relationship marketing Experiential marketing

Content creation
Adherence to graphic standards
Graphic design
Infography and image retouching
Revision and translation
Relationship marketing
B2B and B2C programs
Personalized communications
Catch-up, loyalty, prospecting program
Database management
Audio and video editing
Personalized video
2D and 3D creation
Dynamic video
Recording studio
Mobile application
Technological development
Technical support