ESI Technologies: Kossé.ça?

It is really a challenge, to vulgarize information technology, and it was what Pénéga had to do for its client, ESI Technologies.

To do so, Pénéga created with great enthusiasm three big advertising signs that can now be seen from Montreal’s highways. The agency aimed for an enigmatical expression—Kossé.ça which means Say What? in English—in order to pique people’s interest and to modernize information technology. This slogan leads people, thanks to an URL that is easy to remember, to the new ESI Technologies’ website.

The agency also worked on the website, precisely on the whole site’s navigation, on refreshing its look and on its interaction—Pénéga added a video on the homepage, a chat room and a blog. The final objective was to inform people of the IT world and of the services offered by the company and to verbalize in a creative way all of that.

Thanks to these tactics, more than one person has a better idea of what IT is and what it does.

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