Digital Annual Report

Last realization for Montréal InVivo, first project for Pénéga


After winning the bid process by Montréal InVivo, Pénéga needed to make a quick win for its first project with its new client. The challenge was to bring to life the digital annual report and to ensure a link with the existing brand of Montréal InVivo through it.

The agency once again pushed the idea further and proposed a flip-book to the client instead of a traditional report to represent its 2016 Activity Report. Not only was this format eliminating paper consuming, but it was also a good way to collect data through Google Analytics to know what the most consulted pages are or how much time do the visitors spend on each section, for example.

Named Reaching for the summit, this flip-book aims to provide an overview of the accomplishments during the past year. Pénéga worked on the writing, the translation and the design of this project. Finally, the agency did a great work passing one of the most important values of Montréal InVivo, which is innovation, through the entire flip-book!

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Operational marketing

Creating content
Adherence to graphic standards
Graphic design
Infography and image retouching
Annual report and collateral material
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