Creation of a new name and visual identity

Pro-Or asked Pénéga to create a new name and a new logo to reinforce its visibility and to reflect the change in its activities. Pro-Or / NovX21 does not only work in the gold mines sector, but in the ecological and quick recovery of precious metals from recycled materials, and owns two patented technologies for the recycling of platinum-group elements and for the production of upgraded chromite. Therefore, we created a name and a logo that represent technology, recycling, innovation, and 21st century. A very innovative font was used, as well as colours that recall science and technology, which gives its full meaning to this high-quality signature.

 Then, a corporate brochure has been created to help NovX21 with its presentation and to guide potential clients and existing shareholders. Visually, the brochure is at once very dynamic and professional. 

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