Digital Conversion of “La ChADPresse”

For its official magazine, "La ChADPresse," the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages (ChAD) wanted to reinvent itself and create an enriched experience for its readers. Pénéga suggested and developed a solution that exceeded the readers’ expectations. With nümevo, ChAD was able to say goodbye to the complexity of printed magazines and maximize its financial resources. The digital version of the magazine offers convenient features such as sharing, scrolling, interactive table of contents, downloadable PDF, zoom and character magnification, hyperlinks…

Pénéga was in charge of the technological development, programming and integration services and participated in adapting the initial design and graphic templates for the new digital magazine.

Sectors : Finance | Insurance

Divisions :

Operational marketing Experiential marketing

Adherence to graphic standards
Infography and image retouching
Mobile application
Digital magazine
Virtual magazine
Technological development and advice
Technical support