Amylitho—Magenligne: News at hand!

Nowadays digital information is without a shadow of a doubt the trend to follow, and to easily access information on our computer, laptop, tablet or cellphone has become a habit that reflects people’s reality. Amylitho have decided to go down this road by redesigning its website—Magenligne—and creating an application. To do so, they called no one other than Pénéga!

So, the agency gave the new website a brand new look and created an application that would allow an easy, simple and intuitive surfing, whichever gadget—computer, tablet or cellphone. In the end, the graphic design of this kiosk of French digital magazines offers an optimal online reading experience. With all sorts of themes suiting everyone’s tastes, a great and special plan, monthly payable, and a direct and easy access, the all new Amylitho’s website is now up-to-date, thanks to Pénéga’s expertise that knew how to meet its client’s needs: an attractive and intuitive website.

Sectors : Culture Public

Divisions :

Relationship marketing Operational marketing

Content creation
Respect of graphic standards
Graphic design
Revision and translation
Mobile app
Web Strategy
Consulting and technological development
Technical support
Web Strategy