Pénéga Reinvents Digital Publications With Nümevo

Pénéga Reinvents Digital Publications With Nümevo

Pénéga is proudly launching nümevo, a global turnkey solution for scalable and digital publications, based on an intelligent content system. With nümevo, leaflets, magazines, brochures, books and more come to life on any platform (tablet, computer, mobile; iOS and Android), from a single source, instantly. Nümevo transforms all publications, redefines boundaries thanks to its flexibility, and multiplies ways to reach your customers and readership.


Tangible Results

With nümevo, you save time and money by centralizing information and managing all modifications from a single source: updates are done once, from a single location and in real-time for all distribution points. This solution can help minimize costs (printing, updates, distribution, inventory, etc.) while offering an unparallelled opportunity for advertising, bringing even more revenues. Moreover, with its extensive statistics module, nümevo provides a wealth of information to help know and retain your customers and readership.


Tremendous Opportunities

Dynamic and interactive features are at the heart of nümevo’s scalable and digital publications. The information is no longer one-way; the conversation with your customers and readership is activated. And it doesn’t end there—from brochures to games and geolocation maps to training modules, nümevo is up to any challenge.


A Convincing Solution

Desjardins, the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages and the Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec have already adopted nümevo, a real solution for digital conversion and 21st century publications. Discover all possibilities at