Five senses around the world at the International Tourism & Travel Show

Pénéga is behind the TV commercial for Expo Média’s International Tourism & Travel Show, presented in Montréal from October 23 to 25. Travels mean experiencing new tastes, music, textures, smells… Travelling the world offers it all – and the International Tourism & Travel Show too! It allows you to see destinations in a new light. Our commercial gives a peek into the multisensory experience that awaits visitors of the Show in Place Bonaventure.

“In our Internet era, more and more people research travel info on their screens. But travelling means much more than pretty images,” says Nathalie Marquis, Vice-President and Associate at Pénéga. “Visiting the Show is almost like going on a mini trip: it awakens all five senses.” 

Pénéga also created all printed material for the event: the tickets, the official guide cover, two printed ads, a welcome letter for exhibitors, the conference programme, all on-site visual elements, and a poster and mural for the contest, courtesy of Voyages Traditours.