We Were Born When Céline Said Yes


A unique name, two talented founders... that was all Pénéga was at its creation in October 1994. Its development was beginning slowly but surely. Suddenly, mid-November, the small business takes the plunge. Brigitte Budjnowski, from Québecor, calls Daniel Martial, President of Pénéga, and tells him about her far-fetched project, knowing full well from her experience that if Daniel accepts, the project will happen. This is where the team commits to an unimaginable project. One week ahead from the competition, Pénéga must create and produce a real-time newspaper about the wedding ceremony of Céline Dion, all within 36 hours. In addition to making this special issue available on newsstand the next morning, the team challenges itself to offer copies on the same evening of the event. Merely thinking about this project was surrealistic: the technologies used in the 90s did not allow to achieve this absolute madness...

Penega Celine

Motivated, energized and boosted, like Olympic athletes, the team embarks on the project and rents state-of-the-art equipment in order to meet the challenge brilliantly. Pénéga starts the clock: we take off the doors to use them as tables for Échos Vedettes' editors and photographers. The latter come and go, leaving their works to the editorial staff members who, in record time, choose the strongest photos and write the texts as they go along. As for the Pénéga team members, they scan the photos, create the pages and produces the negatives for the preparation for stripping before the imminent sending to the printing shop. For 36 hours nonstop, the story of Céline and René is built page by page.

The results are amazing and the mission is accomplished! The success is so magnificent that Québecor must reprint copies of the special issue in the same week for the Québécois to have the pleasure of experience this much-awaited wedding. Pénéga's DNA has just come to life.

This experience marks the beginning of a 3-year partnership between Échos Vedettes and Pénéga. In addition to establishing an in-house studio for Échos Vedettes and participating to its graphic design, the team automates its TV program guide, which was technologically very audacious. Another thrilling story coming up!