Community Manager: What does he do and Why it’s Essential to your Business

Community Manager: What does he do and Why it’s Essential to your Business

The web professions are all relatively recent and tend to multiply and diversify quickly. Therefore, it’s not always easy to understand their function and usefulness. What about the community manager?


The Community Manager


The community manager is now considered a profession, after being left too long in the hands of the young trainee that we were trying to occupy without perceiving all the strategic potential of this function.

A community manager is defined as the person who manages the social networks and animates the web communities of a company or a brand in order to grow a community of Internet users, attract new customers and retain them. He or she works on maintaining and expanding an online presence, while building the reputation of these companies and brands.

The daily life of a community manager

More than just a geek addicted to social networks, the community manager is at the heart of digital communication strategies and eventually becomes an important player in an organization. His or her daily job is to stay in direct contact with a community, in other words, the current and potential customers of the company.

In a sensitive situation, whether to provide after-sales service or real crisis management, a community manager can communicate relevant information quickly, link the different services and reassure the audience.

The community manager is also a content creator. Both to communicate about a service offer, but also to generate traffic to a company page and thus increase the visibility of the brand, he or she creates content by writing texts, editing photos or making videos. This is why, in addition to being a fine strategist and an excellent communicator, he needs to know the interests of the members of the community in order to offer them interesting content.

He or she also keeps an eye on the competitors so that the company is always aware of what's going on in the market and stays on top of current trends.


His/her personality


Just as you understand the importance of having a home page that reflects your brand, it is important that your community manager embodies your values to better establish your brand image.

Subtly used, a small change can have an impact. One example is the Netflix account where a simple "DA DUM" makes us smile and connect directly to the brand image.

Or in an incisive manner, get noticed on the web by knocking out your competitor, as Burger King did during the COVID-19 crisis.

Pourquoi recourir à un gestionnaire de communauté?

(trans : "To all parents confined with their kids, we know what it feels like to have a clown in your back")

To all parents stuck at home with their children: we know what it’s like to be followed by a clown.

Why hire a community manager?


The various platforms and means of online communication have multiplied in recent years. It now takes a strategist and a fine connoisseur to juggle between the different tools and master their communication code.

If you still doubt the power of social networks and the importance for your business to be active on them, you should know that an estimated 67% of Quebecers use social networks, including one in two adults who connect daily to Facebook. So you'd better be there!


What budget to allocate?


As always, it depends on what you want as an online presence and the results you expect.

Having a dedicated person within your company is not always the most efficient and least expensive way to manage your social networks. Since the burden of content production can be quite heavy, going through an experienced agency that has access to a multi-talented team (copywriting, image editing, sound mixing, video production, etc.) may be more advantageous in the end.

When is the best time?


If you're wondering whether it's the right time to get into social networking, your audience is stuck at home just like you are, behind their computers. Now more than ever, it is important to build an online presence. Your competitors are probably already there. Don't wait any longer and get started!

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