An app for veterinarians and pets’ lovers

An app for veterinarians and pets’ lovers

Many of us share our advice and opinions on how to manage your business in times of crisis. While these are useful in the context of implementing high-level strategies, how do you translate your digital ambitions into concrete results?

A new design for your customer journey

Your deployment of digital strategies, whether it's conversion or visibility on various platforms, may seem like a mountain to surpass. Since it's always easier to make informed decisions by having concrete examples, today we share one of our solutions.

In love with and passionate about rescuing doggies - anyone who knows me a little bit knows that I would empty the SPCA in Montreal on a daily basis if I didn't have to comply with municipal by-laws - I looked into the issue of customer experience during a visit to the vet, and my team and I discussed it together.

Through our observations, we realized that the list of things to remember is long, especially when it comes to a first-time adoption. Since we want our loyal friends to be taken care of, we designed an application that mainly addresses three main concerns: the health record, annual reminders and related care.

The health record

Who among you hasn't forgotten your vaccination record during your visit to the veterinarian? For me, with all the good intentions in the world, it's often the case! Our goal was to model a personalized application that would allow us to have all of our pet's information at hand. Whether it's the list of prescribed medications, the vaccines and protections your pet needs or his passport for travel outside the country, everything is there, just a click away.

Annual reminders


You can also count on your application to send you reminders for your various appointments or simply to take reminders autonomously via an electronic scheduler that is up-to-date and synchronized with your specialist's operational system. No more waiting on the phone and no more waiting for an appointment written on a business card that you will lose by the end of the day; you can settle everything when you get on the elevator in a few seconds! Especially since you can reserve a trip home at the time of your choice, depending on the availability of services offered through your local veterinarian.

Related care

On the other hand, your best friend has basic needs like we all do and his food and chew bones are very important to him! Who are those of you who have never poured the last kibble into your pet’s beloved bowl, while being in a hurry to get to work in the morning, without giving it a second thought until your return? Wouldn't it be easier to receive these items at your door or to pick them up at the right time, always knowing if they are in stock or not? Look no further, our solution not only manages your e-commerce needs, but also your inventory to make life easier for the entire technical team coordinating the activities.

Extrapolating a little further, you might consider coordinating all your pet needs through a single platform, including kennel booking, grooming, training courses, etc. Just choose the modules that best suit your needs.

It's easy to simplify the customer experience at every step of the way thanks to technology and to make the customer experience simpler and more enjoyable. When it comes to the race against time, we all need a helping hand! This solution is the perfect demonstration of how the professional and technological innovation complement each other. Without the veterinarian, our animal is left hanging. However, revitalizing the traditional experience makes your daily life easier and allows you to better organize yourself, to the benefit of both parties!

Veterinarians, what do you say?

Caroline Brunelle