Techno-humanity: A Giant Step in Personalized Communication

Techno-humanity: A Giant Step in Personalized Communication

Pénéga has contributed to the development of a brand new concept of the Mouvement Desjardins, meant to be the ultimate client experience: the Desjardins 360d, a space where 18- to 30-year-olds can discover offers and get information in an autonomous or guided manner. Thanks to the technological environment created by Pénéga, a circuit that includes creating a profile based on current occupation and projects, and then accessing information, tools and personalized advice, as well as meeting an advisor.

A Multisensory and Human Experience

The 360d appeals to all the senses, from sight to hearing, touch, smell, and taste. A sixth sense is even appealed: the sense of relationships between humans. In fact, the guiding principle is to use technology not to replace human beings, but to enhance an irreplaceable human experience with a diversified team of advisors.

User Is King: Free Choice as a Base

The idea is also based on free choice: users build their very own experience according to their needs and desires. The audio, video and touch technology is there to guide users towards human contact with the advisor of their choice. In short, at the 360d, users reign supreme: they choose their projects, their type of experience, the place where they want to consult information, their advisor and the time of their meeting.

This concept, a first in North America, is a new approach to tailor-made financial services for youth.

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